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Drummer, Percussionist, Producer, Author, Software Designer, Audio Engineer, Clinician


Liz Ficalora is a drummer, clinician, author, teacher, audio engineer, producer, songwriter, and music software designer.  She has been playing the drums for 50 years.

Her honors include being a published author with Alfred Publishing, First Place Award Winning Jingle Writer for Maxwell House Coffee, Best American Album Producer and Best Contemporary Song, JP Folks Award Show 2020, and a graduate of the Berklee College of Music.
As a performer, she has extensive performance and touring experience with Stella Parton, Charlie Louvin, Billy Prine, Madame Gandhi, Walter Egan, Carnival Cruise Line, Grand Rivers Variety Shows, Sterling, Calliope's Children Steel Band, The Larry Keeton Theatre, Nashville in Harmony Choir, and the Nashville Celebration Choir.
She has played with Pam Tillis and is currently working with The Sissel/Reid Band in Nashville TN.

During all her years of performing experience, Liz created and developed a drum charting method and authored the book, “How to Write A Fast and Easy Drum Chart,” published by Alfred Publishing.

This drum charting method book is endorsed by Remo, Louie Bellson and Gary Chaffee,  This method is becoming the standard that is used by professional drummers worldwide. She has been featured in Tom Tom Magazine, Drum! Magazine, Rhythm Magazine and Berklee Today.
This book is available at lizficalora.com

After the release of her book, she created and designed a new drum charting software program called Drum Chart Builder. This program is an online professional tool for drummers, songwriters, and composers to create simple and easy drum charts and is available online and at Guitar Center.

"This is my dream, to create a program that becomes the standard in drum music software"
Liz Ficalora, CEO of Drum Chart Builder.

As an educator, Liz has taught master classes on drum charting at PAS International Conference, MTSU, TSU, 5 Star Drum Shops, Guitar Center, SAE Nashville, Nashville Musicians Union and on Tom Tom Magazine Chops TV.
She is currently producing Americana and Jazz music at her music production company called Ficalora Music Productions in Nashville TN.


How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart teaches an innovative and simple approach to drum chart writing that takes almost no time to learn. Designed for drummers, composers, and students who need drum charts for the various songs they encounter, this method won't require you to turn multiple pages and read bar after bar of music. Instead, you will see the full form of a song on one piece of paper and only need to write a few measures of drum notation to keep yourself in the groove.



How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart.
Learn how to write a simple drum chart for working drummers.

How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart for Songwriters
Learn how to communicate with your drummer.

How to Write a Drum Chart and Understand Song Form for Audio Engineers.
Learn how to chart a song to make your engineering sessions go smoothly.




Drum Chart Builder Software is an all-in one professional online application to build simple, clear and easy one page drum charts for gigs, sessions and shows. This program was designed by the author of the book “How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart.”
Manage and organized charts with the built in setlist maker and take your charts with you on any mobile device.


Nashville Drum Coaching

96 songs to learn and the band leaves in two weeks.
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How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart

Learn how to write a simple drum chart for gigs, shows, sessions and practice.
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Ficalora Music Productions

The Nashville Based Music Production House and Recording Studio run by Award Winning Music Producer Liz Ficalora


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Liz Ficalora and The Sissel Reid Band Performance

August 6, 2023 |

Performance The Sissel Reid Band Homegrown September 16, 2023 7:00 Liz Ficalora Music Productions · 2022 Americana Song Productions

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Current Projects 2023

Recording Jazz Artist and Playwright Suzahn Fiering’s Production of Bourbon on Broadway 2023

July 28, 2022 |

In the Studio with Bourbon on Broadway. With Suzahn Fiering, producer, songwriter and playwright, a new musical will soon be opening in Nashville. More details are coming and we produce the music and Suzahn rehearses the actors for the play.   

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How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart Video Course

July 17, 2022 |

Read More and Enroll Today for $139.99 How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart Video Course Why Do I Need This Course? “Learn How to Write A Simple Drum Chart Without Writing Bar After Bar of Notation and Still Play the Song EXACTLY Like the Recording–Every Time!” Today you can learn a method…

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Working on a New Drum Chart Workbook Coming in June 2023

July 17, 2022 |

In the works is a new drum charting workbook for students. Learn how to write a drum chart fast using the step by step method and practice charting at the same time. Each step will have a worksheet to practice each lesson as you go. Before you know it, you will be writing your own…

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