How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart Video Course

How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart Video Course

Why Do I Need This Course?

"Learn How to Write A Simple Drum Chart

Without Writing Bar After Bar of Notation and Still Play the Song EXACTLY Like the Recording--Every Time!"

Today you can learn a method of charting a song so you can make your gigs, sessions and practice go smoothly....And I GUARANTEE You Will Never Miss an Accent or Fill Again!

Have you ever gotten a call at the last minute for a fill in gig?

Or you landed a job with a road band that hands you 96 songs on 6 CD's that's leaving for Chicago in two weeks!

If you've faced a situation like this,'ll be very excited to hear about this new course in drum charting that I'm about to share with you!

How To Write A Fast and Easy Drum Chart

    A simple 12 step course to writing drum music for cover and original songs.

Just imagine, in a few hours from now you could be writing your charts for your gig this weekend.

Check it out!

The Basic and Advanced Course Includes:

12 Step Easy Method to Writing a Drum Chart for Cover or Original Music

8 Sections of Drum Charting Instruction

54 Demonstration Tracks

1 Original Song Track to Chart and Play-Along

15 Drum Charts of Popular and Current Music

4 Pages of Basic and Advanced Drum Patterns to listen, practice and learn.

3 Different Blank Drum Chart Templates For Copying

19 Instructional Videos So You Can Learn Faster.

The Course Covers Techniques In:

How To Chart Out The Song Form

How To Determine The Feel Of The Song

How To Determine the Time Signature

The Basic and Advanced Snare Drum and Bass Drum Patterns That Are Used The Most

How to Identify and Write Simple Drum Notation for Your Songs

Organizing Your Materials

Techniques on How to Count the Band In

How to Write Out a Medley

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