How to Write a Quick Chart When You Get the Call and the Gig Starts in 2 hours

New Course Available Now

What do you do when you get the last minute call and the gig starts in 2 hours and you have 12 songs to learn?
You use the template that is available for download once you enroll in this quick course.

4 quick lessons. 12 step fast method. 1 Template for printing.

Download the template and use it to outline the song and setlist and be ready for a gig in 2 hours.
I was the one who got the call and who created and use the template in this course. This template is road tested.
Now you can take the quick course and download the template for your future last moment gigs.

Why Do I Need This Course?

Have you ever gotten a call at the last minute for a fill in gig?
Or you landed a job with a road band that hands you 96 songs on 6 CD's that's leaving for Chicago in two weeks!
If you've faced a situation like this,'ll be very excited to hear about this new course in drum charting that I'm about to share with you!

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