Nashville Drum Charting Coaching Session

96 Songs to Learn and
The Band Leaves in 2 Weeks?

What would you do?

If you are in that situation or would like to land a job with a touring act leaving out of Nashville, but do not know where to start, call me.

I was the one who had to learn 96 songs in 2 weeks when I arrived in Nashville in 94. I moved from Weymouth Mass, where I played the drums for the band The View. I was hoping to land a job in a touring act and get on the road and that is exactly what happen. I landed a job after arriving in Nashville in 6 weeks.

You too can land a job here in Nashville, but you need the skills.
I can teach you what you need to know.

How to read a Nashville Number chart.
How to write your own song charts.
Advanced hand techniques
Advanced hand and foot techniques
Learn to play with a metronome for practice and live performances
How to read drum music and more.

Schedule one session or many. I can work with your schedule.
I charge $85 per hour. One-hour sessions are recommended.
$160  for a 2 hours session
I accept Venmo, Apple Pay or I can invoice you to accept credit cards.

I use ZOOM for all my students if you live out of town.
If you live in Nashville or are going to be in the Nashville area you are welcome to come to my studio.

Why get coaching from me?

#1 I have the experience of moving too Nashville and starting from scratch.

#2 I wrote the book How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart.

#3 I designed the software program Drum Chart Builder.

#4 I have been playing the drums for 50 years.

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Coaching Sessions Include:

•The Best Skills To Play The Drums.
•How To Play A Song
•Hand And Foot Combinations To Build Hand And Foot Speed
•How To Build Hand Techniques And Speed
•How To Count Out A Song
•How To Play Simple Time Patterns That Are Used
•How To How To Build Drumset Independence
•How To Play, Listen and Read Drum Music

Expect to have a great experience from your first lesson to your last lesson. I live music every day and like to expose all my students to new and innovative songs and styles that are used in today’s music.
I design a practice workflow so my students know how to set up their practice space and the best way to practice. You will see a gradual progression that I create for students to advance their drumming techniques enabling them to play the songs they have always wanted to play.
I teach a step by step method to playing the drums and each lesson includes technique skills, reading music skills and learning drum patterns to playing songs.

Specialized in: Speed and Accuracy

Hand and Foot Techniques- Build speed and learn how to build the coordination to
make your hands and feet work together with accuracy.

Finger Control- to control your sticks
Endurance- to build speed

Independence- to play complex patterns easily

Charting Techniques - to learn how a song is built

Listening Techniques - to learn how to determine the drum pattern and what to play.

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