Liz will be teaching a Master Class at the Jazz Education Network in Orlando Florida- January 7, 2023

Ficalora - How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart

Clinic Presentation - How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart - 50 minute Clinic on January 7th at 9:00 AM

January 4 -7 2023

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How to Write a
Fast and Easy Drum Chart Clinic Outline

50 minute Clinic on January 7th at 9:00 AM

Purpose: To teach drummers, musicians, and teachers how write a simple drum chart for cover and original music based upon the method developed by author Liz Ficalora, How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart.

Goal: To teach a career changing skill that will make any drummer play with confidence, perform their best, stand out from the rest, and land better jobs as a working drummer.

Level: Advanced beginner to the professional level drummer, teacher, and musician.
Basic notation knowledge is needed.

This Clinic Targets:

Professional Drummers, Returning Drummers, Teachers, Students, and Musicians.

1.     Drummers who get the last-minute call, a chart is not available, and the gig starts in an hour.

2.     Drummers who get an audition with a road band or national act and must play the song just like the recording.

3.     Drummers who play with many different bands and needs charts for all the songs.

4.     Teachers that need to write a simple drum part for their students

5.     Composers that would like to write a simple and fast part for their drummer.


Clinic Outline:

Step 1 What You Will Need and Organization

Step 2 How to Write the Time Signature, Tempo and Feel in Your Chart

Step 3 How to Determine the Feel of The Song

Step 4 How to Identify the Song Form and Count Out the Bars

Step 5 How to Write Out the Song Form

Step 6 Basic Time Patterns and How to Identify Them

Ear Training – Take the Test- Identify the Pattern

Step 7 How to Write in The Drum Patterns on Your Chart

Step 8 How to Write Intros and Pickups into Your Chart

Step 9 How to Write Fills and Accents into Your Chart

Step 10 Review

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