Unleash Your Inner Drummer: Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places” Drum Chart Now Available!

Calling all drum enthusiasts and rhythm rockers! We have some exciting news to share with you. The highly anticipated drum chart for Garth Brooks' iconic hit song, "Friends In Low Places," is now available at the Easy Drum Chart Store. This timeless classic has captivated audiences for decades, and now drummers of all skill levels can experience the thrill of playing along with one of country music's greatest anthems.

  1. Journey into the Heart of Country Music:

"Friends In Low Places" is a true gem in Garth Brooks' discography and a staple at any country music gathering. This infectious tune weaves together heartfelt storytelling and a foot-stomping melody that has been celebrated by fans worldwide. With its catchy chorus and unforgettable lyrics, it's no wonder the song has stood the test of time.

  1. Unleash Your Drumming Skills:

Are you ready to step into the shoes of a legendary drummer? The new drum chart for "Friends In Low Places" is your ticket to unlocking the rhythmic magic that has made this song an enduring favorite. Whether you're a beginner drummer or a seasoned pro, the easy-to-follow notation will guide you through every beat, fill, and accent, helping you master the song's signature groove.

  1. Learn from the Best:

The Easy Drum Chart Store takes pride in providing drummers with top-notch resources, and this drum chart is no exception. Created by seasoned professionals and drumming enthusiasts, the chart captures the essence of the original recording, ensuring an authentic playing experience. You'll have the opportunity to learn the exact drum parts played by the original drummer, adding a layer of authenticity to your performance.

  1. Elevate Your Jam Sessions:

Picture yourself jamming with your band or entertaining friends around a campfire. As you unleash the power of "Friends In Low Places" on your drum set, you'll feel the energy of the music pulsing through your veins. The song's infectious rhythm is guaranteed to get everyone's toes tapping and voices singing along. It's the perfect addition to your repertoire, infusing any gathering with a touch of country charm.

  1. Spread the Country Music Love:

One of the incredible things about music is its ability to bring people together. By mastering "Friends In Low Places," you'll join a community of musicians who appreciate the artistry of Garth Brooks and the beauty of country music. Share your newfound drumming skills with fellow enthusiasts, join online forums or local drum circles, and revel in the joy of making music together.


The release of Garth Brooks' "Friends In Low Places" drum chart at the Easy Drum Chart Store marks a significant milestone for drummers everywhere. This timeless classic has now become accessible to all skill levels, inviting drummers to unleash their creativity, master the song's infectious rhythm, and embark on a musical journey through the heart of country music.

So, grab your drumsticks, dive into the groove, and let "Friends In Low Places" take your drumming skills to new heights. It's time to make some noise and experience the thrill of playing along with one of country music's greatest hits!

Get your hands on the "Friends In Low Places" drum chart today, and let the rhythm carry you away. Happy drumming!

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