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Whether you are a Songwriter or an artist/songwriter, you want to work with a producer who understands your music, lyrics and vision. That is important to me too.

I have created a safe environment for all songwriters and artists to be able to be themselves and experiment with all those ideas in their heads. I can make suggestions as I listen to your thoughts and ideas.

I produce Americana, American Roots, country and blues music and I have worked with songwriters from age 12 and up.

I like the sound of the acoustic guitar and piano and a good drum and bass groove.

My music influences are Carol King  for her great melodies and rich chords, James Taylor for his Melodies and smooth backup vocals, Taylor Swift for her simple songs and great lyrics and Billie Eilish for her simple writing style and vocal arrangements.

When I work with a new songwriter it starts with a meeting so that we can discuss your lyrics, song form, arrangement, instrumentation, song tempo and feel ideas.

Together we can do the song preparation before we put anything to tape.

This will make the process go very smoothly.

I look forward to working with you either remote or in my studio


Specializing in Drum and Percussion Tracks to Develop the Right Groove.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Bass Tracks

Drum Programming

Song Demos

Full Album Production



Audio Fixing



Vocal Tuning

Vocal arrangement

Background vocals

Commercial Songwriting



TV Theme songs

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Current Projects 2023

The Sissel Reid Band

Sissel Reid Band

Country, Americana and Rock
11 Tracks

Recorded at Ficalora Music Productions.
Mixed at Ficalora Music Productions by Liz Ficalora
Produced by Liz Ficalora





5 piece band
Style: Rock


Bourbon on Broadway Written By Suzhan Fiering

Suzahn Fiering

Broadway play
Bourbon on Broadway Musical

9 Songs

To Be Released in March 2023
We are in the mix stage